Fight that December slowdown


Why do Employers slow down their hiring process heading towards Dec?
Do you find it’s Budgets, paying holiday pay or a time sheet issue, overcome these objections by adding it into the contract.

Historically trends show that employees slow down their hiring leading up to close of year. Wouldn’t you want to counteract this and be ready by the 2nd Jan?
Hiring in December will keep you ahead of your competitors, including reaching out to those passive candidates who may not be thinking of a career move but are more reachable allowing you to pick from the best talent.

With many companies closing for the Xmas break its easier for candidates to take time off for interviews and be more available.
By hiring in December you receive the maximum value from new starters for a full business year. Starters in December get a chance to climatise better into a company culture feeling more welcomed with the extra Christmas spirit floating around. Inductions would have been completed enabling the candidate to feel more settled and better prepared to start in January. Employers receive the maximum value from their new starters for a full business year.

2nd Jan is quoted as the worst day for quitting your job, with it falling in the third worst month for hiring in the year. Too much noise in the market in any one month makes recruiting for the right candidates a more difficult job. By accessing our constantly refreshed pool of quality jobseekers we engage in effective search and advertising methods, identifying and targeting the correct audience and reaching new candidates who may not have registered with us yet. Contact us to work with our experienced temporary and permanent consultants to fill graduate roles through to sales directors.

It’s the Logical Way. It makes sense.

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